Austin Thrive Preschool is a play-based, licensed home preschool serving 6 weeks through 5 year olds.  We endeavor to see each of our children thrive!  Your child will have a high quality early childhood experience with us!
    thrive /THriv/:  to grow or develop well or vigorously

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    Founder and School Director

    My name is Summer Jung. I grew up in the Austin area and I am a 5th generation Austinite. I have worked as an educator for 19 years, teaching preschool through fourth grade. I am certified in special education, ESL and preschool through middle school general education. I have a degree from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, TX. Children are my passion. I love everything about them: joy, wonder, imagination and creativity. They are such precious gifts and I believe that loving, guiding and encouraging them are some of the most crucial 'jobs' in this world.



    ENROLLMENT FEE: $50 Non-refundable & $400 deposit

    refundable ( 30 days written notice)


    SUPPLY FEE: $150


    Full and part time options available


    * Chemical free environment -

    Norwex products & Essential Oils ONLY





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    There is a balance in our curriculum of these four aspects of early childhood education:


    Character Development - Your child will learn the value of being a special part of our school family.  They will be encouraged to speak the truth in love to their peers, while being sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. They will learn how to love and serve others, encourage one another and live a life full of joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, patience, gentleness and self control.


    Social-Emotional - Your child will feel safe because teachers will give individualized and purposeful care to them.  Whether your child is working independently, or being guided by teachers, they will develop a process for learning life skills.  Your child will learn how to recognize when they have hurt someone and how to respond to them in a way that is loving and intentional.  They will learn to develop meaningful relationships with their peers, while recognizing their own emotions and learning how to manage them.


    Child Initiated - During a child initiated learning experience, our teachers will use spontaneous teachable moments that arise in the form of play and are initiated by the child.  Recognizing these times, and responding in a way that encourages the child to want to dive deeper into whatever has initially excited him is crucial.  It is at these times that children are able to take charge of their own learning.  While at Thrive, your child will have multiple opportunities to choose his/her own learning activities during outdoor play, centers and projects/small group.


    Teacher Guided - Children learn best by interacting with people. Through guidance and modeling by teachers, children will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We will strive to encourage your child to expand their vocabulary, create stories, demonstrate and ask questions.  Teachers will observe each child and tailor our curriculum to meet the individual needs and interests of every child.  We desire to drive their play and inquiry to the next level.  There will be rich creative play in our classrooms everyday.


    We will also be working on skills to prepare them for their transition to public, private or homeschool

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    Austin Thrive has been such a blessing to our family for the last year and a half. My daughter was 11months old and my son almost 3 when we started - both of them had mostly been at home with me until that point. Summer was amazing with supporting our parenting anxieties and easing the transition. She carried my son for hours (literally!) when he had separation anxiety, and patiently and gently transitioned my daughter from Ergo naps to naps on the napmat with the other kiddos. She also has been a fantastic resource in problem solving each new stage of development and the challenges that come with them, especially for my oldest! I always know my children are in a happy playful and joyful place when I drop them off at Thrive!

    -Dominic & Anais mom



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    Summer has changed our lives. I must have interviewed 50 preschools before finally finding this gem. THRIVE preschool is EVERYTHING I wanted for our son. It's the first place he's been, where when we go to pick him up, he doesn't want to leave. I love watching their days unfold on the website and getting the loving updates of their fun. My son litteraly puts his back pack on and asks to go to Summer's. She honors our wishes and special requests and even gives a parents night out! How incredible can you get.

    I honestly don't feel like we found a school, I feel like we found family that designed themselves to support, guide and teach our most precious gift, our son.

    Thank you Summer and Thrive preschool for bringing the love and joy that our son deserves out of education. We will forever be grateful for your dedication and sacrifices for our little ones.

    -Atlas & Orion's mom

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    Austin Thrive has been the most incredible place for our son. Isaac started when he was three and has been with Thrive coming up on two years. We are starting our daughter this fall and could not be happier to have both of our children in this incredible school. The teachers are like family, and it’s so amazing to KNOW our kids are having amazing days here! Summer is incredible, and we see the growth in Isaacs learning both after month! Feel free to message me if you are considering this school and I will tell you all the amazing things!

    -Isaac & Josie's mom

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    It’s hard to put into words how much we love Austin Thrive. We really feel like we hit the jackpot with this preschool.

    Every day I drop off my daughter, I am confident of 3 things:

    1) She is going to have a blast. Summer and her co-teachers provide so many fun activities for the kids. Summer has a great backyard that’s any kids dream play place. She also has a room with a giant swing that the kids love. They post plenty of pictures of the kiddos throughout the day so we can see how much fun our daughter is having.

    2) She is going to be challenged. Summer has years of teaching experience. She is so knowledgeable and she takes time to understand where each kid can grow.

    3) She is going to be loved and cared for. At the end of the day, this is what’s most important to us. Summer and her teachers love every kid that comes through their door. It puts me at ease knowing that my daughter is in such good hands.

    Austin Thrive is a special place. My daughter loves being there. I can’t imagine any child not loving Austin Thrive.

    -Ivy & Bea's dad

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    We visited many daycares that all had the same, impersonal feeling. I was feeling pessimistic about sending my 8 month son to a daycare UNTIL I stepped foot in Austin Thrive. It is amazing. I really feel like my son is gaining so much by being there. It is very homey and not your run of the mill place. Summer and Kimberly and the rest of the staff are so sweet and really care about these kids. We really lucked out by discovering Austin Thrive and I would recommend it to anyone.

    -Brady's mom

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    Summer is such a loving and gifted teacher. Her home preschool is safe, loving community and her teaching methods are grounded in on-going research and decades of experience. Summer works to create an environment that is loving, empowering for children with plenty of activities available to choose (or not!). Her activities are meticulously planned with each child's developmental path in mind. However, children get to choose their own adventure and make plenty of decisions for themselves (which I love). There's a large back yard with playscapes, sandbox and sprinkle pools for plenty of fun outside time and getting wet and dirty but inside time with books, imaginative play/dress up time, puzzles, and music class every week with tuneBugz! Thrive is a licensed home preschool and Summer follows regulations to the letter. WE LOVE THRIVE!

    -Lincoln's mom


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